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Strong Feelings with Babs & Coop

May 21, 2021

Babs welcomes very special guest co-host, Producer Marc! The two kick off with Babs struggling to start the show as well as Coop does, and then the embarrassment rolls right into her Afterthoughts involving Bill Paxton. What's new with them? They reveal where Coop is and elborate on how Babs has become extra awkward in this lockdown. Strong Feelings on opening sparkling wine, and Gen Z coming for the millennials again... this time with a word Babs can't even pronounce. News Flash on Ellen and more Gen Z talk makes Marc spiral into some strong feelings on "John Legend's wife". Do guys care when girls are better than them at stuff? Marc doesn't. Hospitality Hot take on #AllowTakeoutCocktails, Songs of the week & Quick 3!